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Brieanne Haafkens

Brieanne Haafkens is a cooking teacher for special needs students and helps run her family bakery business.


She has a love for educating children on the importance of good food and is starting a charity called "Waste for Purpose" to help put food on the table for those in need. Brieanne has already started within her own family business and is now helping other businesses and people in her community to do the same.


Having completed her Certificate II and III in Health Support Services and Certificate III in Health Services Australia where she enjoyed doing work in the GCU Hospital in their rehab section and also in a retirement home to get her qualifications. Brieanne will be continuing her studies in Health Care and will undertake her Bachelors of Nursing in the near future.


Brieanne's experience of bullying at primary and high school, struggling with body image issues and feeling like she didn’t belong has been a hard journey. But with dance, pageantry and being surrounded by family and amazing people she has come through it all.


Brieanne’s mission as Miss Galaxy Australia 2020 is to be a role model and an example to younger girls and a voice for those that need it. Brieanne wants to share her journey and hopes to inspire others to speak up and be who they are and to love themselves as they are.


Her quote “Be bold, be beautiful, be you” has been her inspiration. 

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