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Eleni Selleck

Mrs. Galaxy Australia

Eleni has learned the significance of pageantry in empowering young women to boost their confidence and engage with their community. Eleni entered the Australia Galaxy Pageant to improve her own confidence and she says it’s the best decision she’s made for herself!


Eleni strongly believes that every woman has a unique story to share and aims to promote female advocates within communities, inspiring everyday role models with her motto, "be the woman that inspires leaders." With a Bachelor of Laws degree, Eleni is passionate about advocacy and as the Founder of She Advocates Society, she uses her knowledge and experiences to equip women and young girls with advocacy skills. As Mrs Galaxy Australia 2024, Eleni’s mission is to share her platform to empower women by building their advocacy skills to give women a voice.


Eleni knows what it is like to feel voiceless having overcome many of life's challenges. Eleni experienced family violence from a young age where she was then placed into foster care and wants to use her reign to show young women that they can emerge as strong leaders, regardless of their past.


Eleni is deeply involved in philanthropic work, volunteering, promoting, and fundraising for not-for-profit organisations. She serves as an ambassador for Care Kits for Kids Queensland, a charity close to her heart that provides essential items to children in need. Eleni received a care bag when she entered foster care, as she only had the clothes on her back and her school bag. She understands the importance of these essential items for children, and you can often find Eleni in the sewing room creating bags and clothing for children.


Eleni is also a storyteller for Australian youth mental health charity batyr and shares her story of mental health, family voice and foster care aiming to educate young people on mental health issues and how to seek support. She visits schools and universities to share her story, working to combat the stigma surrounding mental health for young people.


As Mrs. Galaxy Australia 2024, Eleni is honoured to represent her platform and community, inspiring women to use their stories to become impactful leaders.

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