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Leah Dortmann

Mrs Galaxy Australia

Leah grew up in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland and currently resides in South Brisbane.

She spent 4 years in Canberra serving in The Army at The Royal Military College Duntroon and

then moved backed to Brisbane where she became a Custodial Correctional Officer at a male Prison for 6 years.

Graduating from The University of Queensland with a Masters of Business Advanced majoring in

Human Resource Management and Marketing served her well with her new venture into entrepreneurship running her own business in Fitness and Nutrition.

Leah entered Australia Galaxy Pageants so she had a goal to focus on to help find her new identity. Leah has had a long journey with mental health struggles and lost who she was in the process. She is therefore incredibly passionate about sharing her story, giving her trauma a voice so those who too struggle can be inspired to chase their dreams despite their own challenges. Leah was crowned as Mrs Galaxy Australia which is a true testament that no matter what has happened in your past, every single day is a new chance to go after your dreams.

Leah’s mission as the reigning Mrs Galaxy Australia is sharing her platform: 'Passion meets Purpose’. This platform is about illuminating all parts of you to yourself and the world so you can truly accept who you are, show up with authentic confidence and therefore chase your dreams so you can create real impact in the world.

Congratulations to Leah for placing Frist Runner-Up at the Galaxy International Pageant in Orlando, Florida!

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