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Mia Goodlich

Miss Teen Galaxy Australia

Mia competed in Australia Galaxy Pageants for the first time this year. Since the start of her pageant journey, it was always a dream of hers to compete in the Australia Galaxy system. She was inspired by the motto “Be the best version of you” and felt that competing would give her the opportunity to grow in confidence, improve her public speaking skills and advocate for what she is most passionate about.

Through her journey as a national finalist, Mia was fortunate enough to raise over $5000 for Australian youth mental health charity batyr. Being a teen herself, youth mental health is something Mia is most passionate about. Using her Miss Teen Galaxy Australia title, she plans to engage in more fundraising efforts throughout her reign.

Mia is also an advocate for body positivity. With her platform “beautifully minded”, she shares the stories of those who have dealt with challenges regarding body image. The purpose of her platform is to help others realise that they are not alone by creating a safe space where people can relate to one another.

Being a part of Australia Galaxy Pageants has been a transformative journey for Mia. Going into the competition, an area she wanted to improve in was public speaking. As a national finalist, Mia made it her goal to engage in various community appearances that required her to speak in front of an audience and said that this has played a crucial part in helping her overcome her fear and become a confident public speaker.

With the title of Miss Teen Galaxy Australia 2024, she hopes to show others what is truly possible if you believe in yourself, and that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

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