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Zoe Stanford

Miss Teen Galaxy Australia

Zoe Stanford competed in Australia Galaxy Pageants for her first time this year. She applied after graduating high school in 2022. Zoe’s journey in the pageant world began as a platform to amplify her voice and advocate for important causes close to her heart. Winning the title of Miss Teen Galaxy Australia has given her the opportunity to do just that.

Driven by her passion for promoting open-mindedness, Zoe aims to use her reign to teach young people how to navigate life with an open mind. She believes that embracing diversity, new ideas and being open to people from all walks of life is important for our own personal growth and building a harmonious society.

Zoe is also an Australian ambassador for Know the Glow. A global non-profit that brings awareness to childhood blinding diseases. In April of 2023 she organised and hosted a fundraiser that raised $4500 for the charity. She is excited to continue her work for the organisation during her reign as Miss Teen Galaxy Australia.

With the support of the Australia Galaxy team behind Zoe, she now stands as a role model for young individuals, inspiring them to break free from their own self-imposed limitations and to embrace their authentic selves. She believes confidence is not about being perfect, but about embracing one’s unique qualities and recognising the inherent beauty in every individual. Australia Galaxy Pageants has allowed Zoe to grow as a young woman, connect with life-long friends and be confident in herself.

With a crown on her head and her heart full of love, Zoe is grateful to be representing Australia on the international stage and can’t wait for the doors that will open for her during this journey.

Congratulations to Zoe for placing Fourth Runner-Up at the Galaxy International Pageant in Orlando, Florida!

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