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Jazinda Barnes

Miss Galaxy Australia

Jazinda Barnes first competed in Australia Galaxy Pageants in 2017, placing in the Top 5 and again in 2020 where she won Miss Teen Galaxy Australia 2020. Unfortunately, she did not attend internationals due to COVID-19 but is now your Miss Galaxy Australia 2024, making her the first Australia Galaxy Queen to hold two Australian Titles. 

Jazinda is extremely passionate about staying active. She has played a multitude of sports since the age of two, including horse riding, dance, cheer, futsal, netball and many others. Jazinda is extremely hard-working and dedicated which has assisted her in achieving her goal of debuting at a semi professional level in netball and being selected in an Australian Futsal team. Playing at high levels takes hard work, dedication and persistence which has assisted her in her every day life. 

Jazinda is also passionate about community participation and disability inclusivity. As Miss Galaxy Australia 2024, Jazinda is wanting to participate within her community giving back to those in need and wishes to inspire others to do the same. Jazinda was previously a full time independent disability support worker and stands strongly behind showing the world that having a disability shouldn’t mean you are faced with disadvantages and should be offered the same opportunities regardless of your intellectual or physical abilities. 

Jazinda continues to choose Australia Galaxy Pageants as it aligns with her personal beliefs and values. The system promotes community participation, sisterhood, assists in guiding women to be the best versions of themselves and on top of that, it encourages delegates to fundraise for charity. Jazinda cannot wait to show her country how amazing the Australia Galaxy System is for women during her reign!

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